Guide dogs

Can I have a guide dog?

If you are blind or partially sighted Guide Dogs is committed to providing you with a guide dog or another more suitable mobility service.

  • Age – there is no lower or upper age limit
  • Living circumstances – religious or cultural backgrounds; city or rural locations; employed or unemployed; so long as the dogs physical and emotional needs are met, most circumstances can be accommodated
  • Level of sight loss – you do not need to have lost all your remaining sight
  • Cost – if needed, financial assistance is available
  • Training – we will work with you, and where relevant with other organisations, to achieve your goals

How do I get a guide dog?

Contact your local Guide Dogs' office by email or call us

Following your initial enquiry, we will talk to you in detail to listen to your story and understand your needs and aspirations:

  • We ask you for a self-declaration medical, and may need to speak to your GP
  • This is followed up with a personal assessment on your ability to move around safely and with confidence
  • If you are eligible to continue, we then complete a guide dog assessment with you, which includes observing you out and about in your local area

How long does it take to get a guide dog?

The waiting time for a guide dog can vary and is affected by many different factors e.g. the demand in your local area, the types of dog available at any given time and your requirements.


Our aim is to train you within nine months but waiting lists can be significantly longer or shorter than this.

Guide dogs

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