Speaker service

Our volunteer speakers are critical to the success of Guide Dogs and a good speaker can inspire an audience in many ways. Often it is through meeting, listening, seeing and learning from one of our volunteer speakers that people feel they know about Guide Dogs. There is no charge for a speaker, however, donations are gladly accepted.

What would you like to hear about?

Invite a speaker

Our amazing volunteer speakers are critical to our success. They motivate and raise awareness about their own personal life changing experiences as a:

  • guide dog owner
  • My Guide partnership
  • puppy walker
  • or inspiring stories from our dedicated volunteers

All of our motivational speakers are helping to raise awareness and funds to support our mission, to make sure that no one living with sight loss is left out of life! They can offer a variety of fascinating talks that cater to all kinds of audiences:

  • community groups
  • social clubs
  • schools
  • youth groups
  • corporate businesses

There are currently around 1500 speakers representing Guide Dogs, covering most areas of the UK. Our speakers include:

  • guide dog owners
  • puppy walkers
  • dog boarders
  • brood bitch/stud dog holders
  • My Guide volunteers
  • volunteer group members/fundraisers

Speakers often bring along:

  • Guide Dogs’ informational leaflets
  • simple interactive sessions for adults and children (where available)
  • fundraising ideas

Our talks are free but we do rely on the generosity of donations to continue our charities work.

Contact us

The speaker service is coordinated from local centres and if there is any other information you need we’d love to hear from you!