Opening-up the world with technology

Every day people with sight loss are using technology. It is opening-up the world for many people, enabling them to make many more choices about where they go and what they do.

We work in collaboration with others to influence the design of technologies, ensuring they meet the needs of people with sight loss.

Introducing Microsoft Soundscape

Microsoft Soundscape is an exploration app that has been designed to make it easier for people living with sight loss to explore towns and cities.

Guide Dogs worked in collaboration with Microsoft to develop Microsoft Soundscape. In this unique project, we enabled people with sight loss to test the app and influenced the design of the technology.

“I’d feel more confident if I was somewhere I didn’t know. If a friend said to me, meet me at a café, I’d feel more confident that I’d find it. Microsoft Soundscape is really good, I really like it.”

Shona Black, guide dog owner

Want to try Microsoft Soundscape?

The Soundscape app is part of Cities Unlocked; exploring cities through sound.

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